This morning I pretended I was Anthony Bordain and Andrew Zimmern, my tv travel/food heros. The market I found was a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. I can’t even explain some of the things I saw but all I have to say is amazing. I grabbed a large bunch of radishes for 20 cents. After the market I went to the Panama Hat museum and store to see how they are made; all handmade with very intricate weaving. Eduador is the origin of the Panama hat. You see all the village ladies wearing them. I also went to the Central Bank Museum to get out of the temporary rain shower. They had an extensive display of all of the cultures in Ecuador and how they live. Very extensive. I walked and walked and finally about 2:30, stopped for a spot of lunch. This is my new favorite egg drop soup that has two full eggs in it, spices, fresh cilantro, and white cheese at the bottom. Oh yeah, it’s a protein powerhouse and at $1.54, I’ll have it more than once. Yes, that is a popcorn side dish. I picked a very nice restaurant because everything here is so cheap you can have the best. Herbal tea, 54 cents, a bottle of mineral water in a restaurant with your meal, also 54 cents.  It has been a great day exploring Cuenca. Oh yes, I am able to update my blog at this local internet cafe…60 cents an hour. This city is so walkable and so beautiful. More later.