Late Monday afternoon I met Barbara from California. On our way out to dinner we found a jewelry market and had to partake. A lot of handmade items and very colorful. The cathredral picture was a desparate attempt to get a picture of one as my battery was running out, more of those later. This padlock is on the door next to my room here at the inn I’m staying. I won’t even ask what’s in that room! Barbara and I went through some shops, had dinner and shared stories; she had been many more places than I including Afganistan. Today I am exploring the city once again as there is so much to see. I am heading out to the coast tomorrow so this will be my last day in Cuenca. The steak dinner I had to take a picture of because it is the biggest $5 steak dinner I’ve ever had. Good too.  I don’t think I’m coming home.  I have internet free here at the inn and it is available on every corner in the city. It rained yesterday morning and the battery went out in the afternoon when the sun came out so today I plan to take some pictures of the city. More later.