Around every corner is a church, each one more beautiful than the previous. It was a great day exploring Cuenca. I took a bus up to another town where I had a great view of the city. I also took a tour of the city to learn more about it. Then I got to thinking, what would a trip to South America be like if I didn’t visit a Farmacia. Actually I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and today it was worse and starting to go into my ears so off to the Farmacia I went. I asked for the medical doctor and he did his consultation thing and between his little english and my little spanish I got my antibiotics. The consultation and antibiotics were $4.20. It was the 3 dose pack and I am feeling so much better this morning. I love it.  See the wheelbarrow, yes those are strawberries and they are huge and sweet. I bought a little bag for 25 cents. Dinner was with Che as you can see by the fire. Barbara and I met up and shared stories of our day. The little apartment with the balcony is where I picture living for a few months. Today I begin my journey over the mountains to the coast. I have 2 segments, the first will take me to Guayaquil, then the second to Manta. I should be in Manta by 5 or 6pm tonight. You will not hear from me for a little while but maybe if I have internet tonight I will be able to update. I get all your notes and comments so keep them coming. Good to hear from home.