Every evening this week I will be packing for my trip to Ecuador. I leave Saturday morning, November 21st. This will be only the second week I have taken off work in 7 years and I am geeked! The packing list is long:
Hit the bank for small bills, things are cheap there and it is difficult to change even a $20 bill.
Decide which bag to take…no checking luggage.
Which adapter do I need? Any at all?
Print off all my flight and hotel info, etc etc.
I am flying into Quito, staying the night, then on to Cuenca Sunday afternoon and staying at an old restored mansion in the old colonial part of the city for three nights. Then I have no formal arrangements and will just work my way back up the coast and eventually back to Quito. I know I will meet someone along the way who will influence the part of the trip I have left open.


Welcome to my blog; I created it to have a single portal to write about my travels.

My passion in life is to see the world and to make myself more interesting in the process. However, I work hard and take very little time away from my job so my window of time to see the world is generally only the normal two-day weekend or an extended holiday weekend. With no predetermined destination in mind, I plan my travels to go as far as I can on as little money as I can. The results are interesting, strange, and sometimes surprizing, but never boring. I hope my travels inspire you to do your own. Thanks for reading.